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Patients with Insurance
Emeritus Home Care accepts most major insurance plans, whether out of state or in the state. You should inform your insurance company, and they will give you important information regarding your coverage and if you need anything before or during the service provision.

Patient Without Insurance
Emeritus Home Care is here for you and your loved one. We work closely with you that it’s not overwhelming for you and the entire family. We offer different payment options and time frames that would make your care needs easier. Whether you require round-the-clock nursing care, short-term recovery care, companions, help with personal care and housekeeping, or home health care service, we are here for you.

Billing and the Collection of Information
As a courtesy to you, Emeritus Home Care will bill your insurance company if your carrier information is provided. It is your responsibility to ensure Emeritus Home Care receives the payment for the services rendered based on your contracted benefits with your insurance company. If your insurance company did not receive any payment, you may be liable for any unpaid charges. We will work closely with you and your insurance company.

Price Estimates
Emeritus Home Care offers price estimates for unsurfaced and non-insured patients. This will allow you to anticipate what to expect financially before receiving services. A request to receive a price quote can be made by contacting our office at 678-765-7544 or We will base the estimate on historical averages, along with information received from your insurance company. Each patient is given a customized service, and we always encourage a free consultation with us so that you receive the best service and price based on your unique needs. Emeritus Home Care cannot predict the care you need and your physician’s orders.

Financial Estimates
If you have health insurance or are uninsured and have difficulty paying for your services, Emeritus Home Care offers many financial options to include extended payment plans. We also provide financial assistance for the necessary healthcare services for a person who meets Emeritus Home Care’s Financial Assistance Program.

Emeritus Home Care offers both Medicare/Medicaid to patients who are qualified. Please contact your local care coordinator at the Georgia Department of Community Health.

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